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Florida Sale Trail Held Each November Across Florida

The distance across Florida would be almost impossible to take-in all in one weekend. For it is almost equal distance between Pensacola to Key West as it would be from Pensacola to Chicago.

After the last of the annual sale opportunities in most of North America held during their short summer months. Florida, while quite diverse is blessed with mostly year-round excellent weather. The diversity of Florida is part of its charm with distinctive climate changes from north to south and very different communities all sharing the same Florida Sunshine. While some communities grow each year and provide cutting-edge technologies and entertainment; many Florida communities prefer to maintain the charm of Olde Florida.

Sell What You No Longer Need Or Use

The four “R’s” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose. (Reducing is easier; Reusing use to be the norm but now we are instructed to discard; Recycle is removing from the wastestream – but does require energy to do correctly; Repurposing is taking hold across the globe to take a product no longer useful for its original purpose and recreating a new and normally valuable product).

Did you know that the typical individual only wears 20% of the clothes almost 80% of the time. The trend over the last 40 years has become to throw it away. But we are running out of space for our landfills and we are using up valuable resources to gather new items to replace those we have only recently discarded. Trail Sale can help you amend this pattern of waste and rewaste.

Add Community Fun, Excitement and Local $’s

A big side effect is we help your community declutter while making money for your community’s residents. Build community awareness and find new homes for “forgotten and unwanted things” while introducing your community to new friends, fun and funds along the way.

The fun of connecting with residents across the state and stimulating local economies and keeping stuff out of landfills is part of the fun and charm of undertaking this adventure.

Add Tourism and Possibly New Quality Residents

Many communities are not on the primary travel routes or along the famous beaches or top-flight entertainment of the most popular communities. If I say Orlando, Daytona Beach, Miami Beach, Key West or Naples – most people know the names and their most famous purpose. But there are much more exciting areas in Florida that run well under the radar of most visitors from the north (or other parts of Florida for that matter)….so let’s explore all the areas at least one weekend each year with the Florida Sale Trail.

For community leaders, the Florida Sale Trail is a great way to involve local residents, community groups, schools and businesses to achieve civic goals of raising funds for a local cause, connect with their residents, teach younger generations about sustainability and…and …. possibly add some quality new potential residents after their visit….and to minimize the ever-present code enforcement responsibilities of government.

Registration is designed to be very inexpensive and not to take away funds from the community, its individual sellers and or especially from the charities often involved. The result is normally an exponential expansion of community visitors coming to purchase items, looking for places to stay, eat and visit along the path of Florida Sale Trail communities.

Community Participation is Simple and Inexpensive

Once a participating community is registered – they benefit from all the others participating with a wide variety of social, digital and video to make it easier for each community to promote their individual sales along with the entire Florida Sale Trail adventure.

Guests can Learn Your Community as Part of “My Trail” before their Community Visit

After registration, the community is able to customize their own sale webpage on Florida Sale Trail for visitors to view. Visitors are invited to register directly on the site to be included in the mailing list and be able to choose their “MY TRAIL”….from a range of 20 to 500 miles depending upon where they want to start and end their Florida Sale Trail journey.

Interested – join the fun: and let’s get it going in your region.